Tools to Confront Power with Power

Public and private sector labor unions are a crucial part of the heart and soul of our nation. Today, they are as important as ever to improve and protect the wages, benefits, working conditions, rights, and safety and health of all workers — union and nonunion alike. In some countries, a strong labor union can literally mean the difference between life and death for workers who speak out against unfair treatment and exploitation. In today's economy, international labor solidarity and global support for unions is critical.

Ray Rogers and Bill Meserve of Local 14

Fighting International Paper,
UPIU Local 14 Pres. Bill Meserve
and Ray Rogers

There are two key ingredients for democracies to survive and flourish: freedom of the press and free trade unions. Today, these freedoms are under heavy attack, and there is a frightening chance that the United States could transform into a plutocracy or an autocracy if those freedoms are lost. That is why for more than 30 years Corporate Campaign, Inc. (CCI) has stood solidly behind organized labor and fought side by side with workers and their unions to help create a more just workplace and world. CCI has also worked with others, including human rights, health and environmental advocates.

History has shown that unions have done more good for America's working people than any other institution in the country. When we stand up for unions, we stand up for dignity and justice in the workplace, and a more equitable distribution of wealth. Union struggles gave us the eight-hour work day; the 40-hour work week; holidays; overtime pay; the federal minimum wage; Social Security; unemployment insurance and occupational safety and health laws.

Corporate Campaign in the
National Media

Labor unions were instrumental in fighting for public education and outlawing child labor. They worked tirelessly in creating workers' compensation for accidents on the job. Unions were at the forefront of passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964; prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion or national origin; creating the private pension fund system; and most importantly securing the right to join a union and bargain collectively.

Labor's downward spiral began in 1981 when President Ronald Reagan fired air traffic controllers, members of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO). The attacks on labor have only gotten worse. With the proliferation of the multi-billion dollar union-busting industry, outsourcing of jobs, corporate-friendly bankruptcy courts and mediation boards, and right-wing extremists gaining political power, organized labor is literally under siege. With so much of the nation's wealth being concentrated in the hands of the few, our country is rapidly developing into a small group of haves and a vast population of have-nots, and America's middle class is rapidly disappearing.

If labor unions are to successfully turn back this tide and win the battles facing them, they need to think strategically, take the offensive, fight smart, and confront power with power.

Ray Rogers on Democracy Now

In its 30-year history, Corporate Campaign, Inc., founded by Ray Rogers and Ed Allen, has an unparalleled record of victories turning local, state and national labor struggles into highly visible campaigns while generating widespread organizational and financial support for workers and their unions. CCI has helped workers and their unions successfully take on some of the most ruthless corporations in the airline, communications, construction, energy, entertainment, financial, food and beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, publishing, tobacco and utilities industries.

CCI also developed unique strategies and campaigns that led to major union victories by public sector workers in mass transit and state government.

Our director, Ray Rogers, has been described by BusinessWeek as a "legendary union activist" and is considered one of the most innovative labor strategists, communicators and successful organizers of our time.

It's been said that, "In slavery there's a job for everyone." Well, we don't need those kinds of jobs. That is why all of us at Corporate Campaign, Inc. remain committed to building strong unions.

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