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Widow Suzanne McCormick vs. Deutsche Bank, Corrupt Judges & Lawyers: 2015-Present

Winning Justice for Mrs. McCormick & Exposing
Deutsche Bank's Global Corruption

Felon Deutsche Bank, and its unscrupulous lawyers, conjure up well-deserved images of unbridled greed and corruption and have become synonymous with everything bad in the banking industry. The bank's ingrained culture to operate like a criminal syndicate raises serious doubts as to whether it can ever function as an honest, credible financial institution.

The media is full of stories about the Germany-based international banking giant paying billions of dollars in fines for manipulation of interest rates, mortgage-backed securities fraud, tax evasion, operating as an urban slumlord, lax oversight and controls over financial reporting and money laundering, lying to regulators, destroying evidence, filing false and misleading reports and more. In June 2015, numerous news outlets reported that the bank is "mired" in thousands of different litigation cases. Klaus Neiding, spokesperson for private investors in Germany commented that "Deutsche Bank today is a huge law office with banking operations attached."

Deutsche Bank executives are now scheming to become one of the top five "global wealth managers," a big part of which is managing estates like that of Suzanne McCormick's late husband, to make up for heavy bank losses due to hefty civil and criminal penalties and regulatory fines. Britain's Express (8/12/16) newspaper repeated financial expert Max Kaiser's warning that Deutsche Bank is "technically insolvent" and runs a "ponzi scheme."

Mrs. McCormick of Dobbs Ferry, New York, a classical concert pianist who has performed worldwide in Europe, Russia, Mexico, the United States and elsewhere, has fought a 28-year battle over charges of mismanagement and theft of most of her late husband's estate, once valued at $45-$47 million, which was left to her and other family members. "No one should entrust their assets with Deutsche Bank," says Mrs. McCormick who speaks based upon her experience as chief beneficiary and legal executrix of her husband's once sizeable estate. "I found Deutsche Bank and its predatory lawyers White & Case and Pillsbury Winthrop utterly unethical and corrupt. They have no shame in destroying families and ruining people's lives as they do. I don't want any other widows or families to endure what they have subjected me to!

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